About Cremer

Cremer Speciaalmachines B.V. is a Dutch company specialised in developing and manufacturing product counting and packaging systems. Since its foundation in 1949 Cremer has become the leading manufacturer of counting and packaging systems for the pharmaceutical, agricultural, confectionery, food and non-food industries all over the world. Cremer is, without a doubt, the most proclaimed name in the counting and packaging industry. With the head sales and service offices established in Holland and an extensive network of distributors and agents around the world, Cremer is nowadays a worldwide company with over 140 qualified and specialized employees.


A specific counting solution

Besides being a manufacturer of high quality, standardized counting machines, Cremer is also a key player in developing and implementing customized applications for the packaging of all different kind of products. As part of the critical role of marketing their products, manufacturers are always trying to create a package which will stand out. Cremer has a divers and wide knowledge of many industries. Combined with our newly developed technologies in the fields mechanics, electronics and software enables Cremer to offer a suitable counting solution with a 100% accuracy. With a long track record of turn key projects Cremer has proven to be a reliable and anticipating partner to its customers.  


Your packaging partner

Cremer is aware of the essential link between the counting machine and the packaging logistics. By maintaining a global network of manufactures of packaging equipment, Cremer can advise its customers about the opportunities in the packaging industry. Cremer can offer customers a complete solution for a counting and packaging system. During engineering the focus is on optimizing the complete secondary packaging from bulk infeed up to final display. Customer requirements combined with Cremer experience results in the most efficient and balanced output.

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