Cremer provided many different applications in the bakery and frozen food industries. The waterproof machines are designed to be quick dismantled, easy cleanable and easy to access. As a supplier of counting and packaging systems, Cremer offers a full range of counting and packaging solutions for a wide range of products, such as: fast food products, croquettes, meatballs, sandwiches, chicken wings, cocktail sausages, dough products, bakery products and frozen meat.


In order to process food products these Cremer counting machines are designed according the latest health and safety legislation and are available in stainless steel (SS) execution. For frozen food products the entire structure is made of stainless steel 304 with stainless steel 316 and only FDA approved materials for all product contact parts. The Cremer counting machines are suitable for placement in cooled areas with a temperature between 0 and 20 °C and can handle products above -18 °C. The counting machines can be made to comply with requirement in various cleaning classes and all IP56 models can be washed down with water without problems.

Counting frozen muffins