Medical lancets and pen needles

Medical supplies often require the most stringent of sanitary precautions and an absolute, 100% accuracy. In order to guarantee that each and every count is always 100% accurate, even with difficult-to-count products, TQ model counting machines incorporate several features to achieve this.


Firstly, special vibratory plates are used to align the products in the channels. For products that are difficult to separate we developed an ingenious eject system that guarantees separation. Product separation is of major importance for the counting machines accuracy. If, by whatever operational error an incorrect product count has occurred, a secondary reject system prevents the incorrect count from being discharged and directs it to a reject collector tray. Despite these occasionally necessary options, the counting machines output capacity was never affected in any way. This particular lancet and pen needle counting machine with reject system has an overall capacity of no less than 25 discharges per minute on a 100 piece count.


Automatic column lift system

The products are delivered to the counting machine in totes. The customer required a system that automatically handled the full totes and empty them into the hopper of the counting machine. The totes are placed on a roller conveyor and are emptied into the high level feeding system (hopper) of the counting machine. Depending on the level of products in the hopper the automatic feeding system receives a signal to feed product. The empty totes will be placed on another conveyor above the roller conveyor of the filled totes. With automatic product feeding system no operator assistance is needed. Depending upon the available floor space, the roller infeed/outfeed conveyor can accept a large number of totes.


Why did this company chose Cremer?

This counting machine counts with 100% accuracy and has several special modifications for smooth product handling. The result is that absolutely no product will stick at any place in the machine and that these fragile products will not be damaged in any way.


Line specifications

Counted product: medical lancets and pen needles into a carton

Line configuration: electronic counting machine (TQ 12/46)

Automatic column lift with a capacity of 25 kg

Line speed: up to 27 discharges per minute with a maximum count per machine of 100 lancets per box


Technical specifications automatic column lift

Capacity: the capacity of the automatic feeding system is related to the maximum capacity of the counting machine

Safety: the system is fully guarded

Control: electrical/electronic control includes an emergency stop circuit

Power supply: 230/400V -3Ph– 50 Hz

Counting line for medical lancets and pen needles


Hardware 1


Hardware 2