You may wonder why automatic counting is preferred over (for example weighing or volumetric dosing) other filling systems. There are several reasons:


Frequent product changeovers

When the products to be packed are changed frequently then counting is preferred. Product weight or shape has no influence on Cremer counters. In most cases you will only need to key in the required number and the counter adjusts to the new counts and new products even if they are different in size or weight from the previous pack.


Variable weight and different shape

Some packed products come with individually different weights or shapes such as confectionery, soap pouches, snack food, frozen food, bakery products, flower bulbs etc. In these sorts of cases, counting is preferred over weighing or volumetric dosing. Cremer counters detect any product individually regardless of its weight or shape. When products are sold on count it is impossible to guarantee the number of included different products.


Quantity printed on the package

Some packages mention the content by number. In these cases counting is the only way to guarantee the exact number of products in the package.


High speed

Counting is also preferred when a small number of products are required to be packed at high speed. By using multiple channels and memory chambers it is possible to store products individually so that a high capacity can be achieved.  


Mix of products

If you want to mix different products and the numbers of each product are small then counting is also preferred. With Cremer counting machines you can determine how many products you want to have in the final package. The number of products you key into the system programme will be filled exactly in the package. This way your customers no longer have to wonder why there are different numbers of his/her favourite product in the pack.



The Cremer counting system programme has many types of machine which fulfil the FDA requirements and are easy to clean. All product contact parts are easily removed for easy cleaning without the use of any tools.


Finally, you do not want to disappoint your customer by delivering too few products but you also wouldn’t like to lose money by just giving product away. Therefore, counting is the most reliable way to ensure the correct number of products in the package. Counting has proven to be, many times over, the preferred way above other filling systems.


In summary, provided that the counting machine can separate the products, most products can be counted quickly and accurately regardless of their shape or weight. If you want to process different products on the counting machine then it is mostly possible without the use of change parts. Cremer manufactures many types of standard counting machines with different capacities for different industries. If a standard counting solution is not suitable for your company then Cremer can also manufacture a machine that fits your requirements.


Working principle

A linear vibrating feeder system is used in almost every Cremer counting machine. The products are separated and transported by vibrating plates (3). By this system it is even possible to separate products with a different shape or which tend to stack. After separation gravity takes over and the products fall into detection channels (4) where each product is detected individually.


Most Cremer counting machines are executed with ‘memory-flaps’. These ‘memory-flaps’ (5) make it possible to discharge the set amount of products (6) direct into a display, in a bucket elevator or packaging machine and the counting process continues while filled packages make way for empty ones. This realizes higher speed and high efficiency which mostly reduces the final production costs.

Watch this video to see the working principle