Cremer: expertise in Counting and Separating

When it comes to counting solid dose products reliably and efficiently, Uhlmann has relied for many years on the proficiency of Cremer Speciaalmachines B.V. in Lisse, near Amsterdam. The company is the leading specialist in the counting and separating of sensitive products from the pharmaceutical, food, consumer goods, and agricultural industries. Cremer solutions function with such accuracy and precision that they can be applies ad alternatives to weighing or pick-and-place systems. Counting modules from the Dutch engineering specialist in the counting systems are also used in the new IBC 150. They ensure that every filled bottle contains the correct number of tablets: neither one too many, nor one too few.

The two companies have moved closer together since the beginning of 2017, when Cremer became a member of the Uhlmann Group in January 2017. This Is a perfect alliance, because the Cremer know-how strengthens the market position of Uhlmann in the bottle packaging sector. ‘’it was important to me to hand over my company to a competent partner with a long-term interest in its future, healthy development – in this sense, we have found our new home with Uhlmann’’, explains Fred Cremer. After the sale of his company to Uhlmann, the former owner of the specialist company continues to be engaged as a managing director at Cremer. His responsibilities focus on research and development, organization, and the operative development of Cremer as a new member of the Uhlmann Group.

Robert van Dorst joined Cremer in July as a managing director. The 46-year-old worked over 20 years in the automotive supplier and mechanical engineering sectors. He is responsible for sales, finance, and human resources at Cremer. “Cremer offers world-class, innovative technology, has experienced and motivated employees, and pursues a clear-cut strategy. On the basis of a stable corporate planning, we will continue to invest in securing the trust of our customers and partners, further strengthen the market position of Cremer, and play our part in contributing to success of the Uhlmann Group”, states the experiences sales strategist.

Saving time saves money

The IBC 150 adds to your productivity on account of fast format changeovers, short set-up times, and east cleaning. Changing over to a different bottle diameter (ranging between 25 and 125 mm) takes just six minutes, while the bottle transport rules out micro-stops and ramp-up phases because the bottles are mechanically guided. The new desiccant sachet feeder also helps save time. It is fitted with a twin reel unwind and a buffer so that the desiccant reel can be replaces without stopping the machine. The redesigned bottle infeed is easily accessible and the smooth surfaces ensure straightforward, fast cleaning.

100 percent “good product” philosophy

The format-free bottle transport ensures a continuous product flow from start to finish. The vigilant “eye” – the integrated shift register – recognizes the position of each individual bottle in the line and ensures accurate process monitoring at all times. One example relates to the new integrated weighing system. The bottles are weighed before and immediately after filling. Bottles too heavy or too light are reliably rejected at the end of the process.

All in all, the IBC 150 stands for a new machine generation for the highly efficient packaging of tablets and capsules in bottles. On account of its flexibility, it can be tailored to meet all the specific requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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