Senzani and Cremer: a winning team for NESTLÉ UK

Nestlé UK found a winning team in the form of Senzani Brevetti and Cremer Speciaalmachines B.V. for the packaging of its special ‘’Dolce gusto’’ coffee capsule products. Senzani supplied a ground-breaking CM5 cartoning machine while Cremer B.V. took care of the feeding part that counts the capsules. The greatest challenge for this machine was the fact that the packages to be filled are square shaped, a form that is notoriously difficult to manage. Once again, Senzani technology was able to solve the problem thanks to the use of the Faenza company’s exclusive, patented MPU turret, which enables the cartons to be picked and formed under optimum conditions.

In addition, for this machine a special memory hopper was produced to synchronize the drop of the product inside the packages. This CM5, which works at a speed of 65 cartons per minute, is made almost entirely of stainless steel, in order to meet all hygiene and safety standards required by the customer.

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