Event information
Vijhuizen, Netherlands
January 7 - January 9, 2020

Mechanization Exhibition

The mechanization exhibition is a special event that takes place right at the beginning of each new year. This year it will also take place at Expo Haarlemmermeer, near Hoofddorp. The exhibitors will bring a wide range of products into the spotlight on an area of 10,000 m2. These are products and services of a very diverse nature, especially aimed at the flower, bulb and perennial plant sector.

As a visitor you will find many novelties, improvements and a wide range of products. A varied range of agricultural tractors, equipment, planting, harvesting and sorting machines, computers, decontamination cabinets, rinsing and immersion baths, packaging, protective equipment and products from many other supply companies are represented at this leading exhibition. In addition, we also offer services in the fiscal, legal and financial fields.

There is also a great deal of attention for the environment and safety, which are subject to increasingly strict requirements. For example, think of the possibility to obtain a note for a spray license.

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