BF 200

BF 200 Flexibel bottle filler up to 200 single desiccants per minute

The stand-alone bottle filler BF 200 is perfect for filling different-sized round or square bottles with different types of desiccant. Its modular design enables a quick change between filling... Read more >

Benefits of the BF 200
  • Wide speed range from 50 to 200 bottles per minute
  • The modular design enables easy change of desiccant type and size
  • Single, double and triple product drop available, single up to 200 drops per minute
  • The overline frame design is easy to install over new or existing conveyor lines providing flexibility in machine positioning
  • Automatic bottle format adjustment and tool-free product changeover
  • Fully enclosed desiccant storage for increased desiccant shelf life by Dry air or Nitrogen Purge
  • Drop verification sensor for product confirmation
  • Incorrect filled bottles are rejected to a bin and therefore no machine stops needed
  • Central intuitive operation terminal with SmartControl
  • 21 CFR Part 11

The stand-alone bottle filler BF 200 is perfect for filling different-sized round or square bottles with different types of desiccant. Its modular design enables a quick change between filling Pouch or Cannister Desiccant. The tool-free format changeovers, increases the flexibility of the bottle filler even more. Maintenance and cleaning of the filling modules are made simple by the unobstructed access provided by the side plate’s Balcony design. The central intuitive operation terminal with SmartControl, enables user-friendly operation, easy audit-trail reporting, statistics and connectivity to other machines. All these factors contribute to the particularly high economic efficiency of the BF 200.

Flexible bottle filler

Whether handling small or medium batches of various bottle sizes on your bottle filling line, the automatic format adjustment for bottle width and height provides the needed flexibility. Running various sizes and types of desiccant on your line? The bottle filler will provide the most versatile solution. Simply insert desiccant with different weights or dimensions, change the recipe and continue. The machine will change the settings automatically. Changing between Pouch or Cannister Desiccant? Take the pouch module BF 200 PD out and insert the cannister module BF 200 CD and have the line running with cannister desiccants in a matter of minutes. Replace an existing machine? The BF 200 can process desiccant from all major suppliers and the overline design enables an easy placement over an existing conveyor.

Silent operation and high efficiency

The double enclosure of the BF 200 ensures a silent operation and positively affects the lifetime of the different types of desiccant. The lifetime can be extended even more by including a dry air generator or nitrogen supply. The motors that drive the BF 200 modules are silent and can achieve high drop speeds up to 200 single desiccants per minute. Double and triple drops of desiccant can also be executed. Both modules for the bottle filler come with a large desiccant storage system. Single or double high capacity pouch desiccant reels are stored in a motorized unwinding enclosure with easy changeover. Cannister desiccants are stored in a large 80-liter hopper ensuring long refill intervals, maximizing uptime and productivity in your production line.

SmartControl operating system

Unlock the full potential of your automatic bottle filler with the central intuitive SmartControl operating system. Navigate seamlessly through operations, generate comprehensive audit-trail reports, and access real-time statistics with unparalleled ease and precision. Accurately track downtime, production time, and waiting time, while effortlessly entering batch orders to maintain operational efficiency. Rest assured with integrated UPS providing robust backup and recovery capabilities, ensuring uninterrupted operations and safeguarding against potential disruptions.

A flexible production line

The BF 200 is one of the six stand-alone machines that have been developed for a complete production line to count solid dose pills. Seamlessly integrate processes and harness the power of data with Pexcite, Uhlmann‘s proprietary software platform. This powerful software platform enables seamless communication and coordination between machines, ensuring enhanced connectivity, transparency, and safety throughout your production line. Monitor and manage the entire production process with precision and ease, from unscrambling bottles, adding desiccant, counting tablets, capping and retorquing, to achieve unparalleled efficiency and performance.

Optional features

Enhance your production capabilities with optional bottle filler features including:

  • Low level sensors for desiccant
  • Dry air generator or nitrogen gassing device
  • Conveyor including position and speed encoder

Technical data

Speed Up to 200 bottles/min
Drop Speed 0,25 g / 0,5 g => 200 / 150 / 100 ppm (Single/Double/Triple drop)
0,75 g => 200 / 141 / 75 ppm (Single/Double/Triple drop)
1,0 g => 200 / 135 / 67 ppm (Single/Double/Triple drop)
Bottle size/diameter 25 to 125 mm (30 to 84 mm for square bottles)
Bottle height 40 to 200 mm (45 to 200 mm for square bottles)
Bottle materials Paper and plastic bottles
Base ground clearance 150 mm
Machine size 1.700 mm x 1.290 mm x 2.300 mm (L x W x H)


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