Turnkey solution

No need for Cremer’s customers to worry about planning

Over the years, Cremer has built up a strong market position for its counting machines in various industrial sectors. Companies that demand high counting accuracy and high speeds for counting and packaging their products are quick to turn to Cremer. The pharmaceutical sector is critical: the right number of pills in a box or bottle is an absolute requirement. Cremer has the right solutions for this, but pharmaceutical customers want more. They are increasingly asking for turnkey solutions. For these business contacts as well, Cremer has a proven track record of managing all the customer’s concerns by taking full control and responsibility – from purchase to delivery.

Cremer has noticed that an increasing number of customers wanted to outsource the search for a complete line solution, like unscramblers or cappers next to the needed product counter. The customer says: “We have the bottle and the product, give us the turnkey solution.” They want Cremer to provide a solution for the entire production line from A to Z.

Cremer started offering turnkey solutions more than three years ago. Coordinating everything is a complex process, and more and more third parties are involved. For the pharmaceutical industry, parent company Uhlmann developed the advanced IBC line. From bottle unscrambling to carton packaging, the process could involve about eight partners. Cremer knows most of the parties, has worked with them many times before and can therefore save its customers a lot of time and money by offering complete project management.

What specialization does Cremer bring to the table? Think of a partner for the labelling machine or a supplier of a machine for placing, pressing and screwing caps onto the bottles. And there are also companies that supply modules which – when heated – allow the aluminium seal to close over the cap. Or a specialist in ionisation systems, so that static charge does not build up, keeping the product clean. Based on the customer’s specifications, we can select the right partners and ensure that the process runs smoothly.

Cost benefits and greater efficiency

Customers who need a counting machine for a new project come straight to Cremer. But they are also looking for cost benefits and greater efficiency. It has now become apparent that customers who entrust the procurement of their products and the project management to Cremer benefit enormously, especially now that turnaround times can run up to a year on average. Moreover, Cremer knows that not every company has the expertise to take on the overall management of a project.

Cremer’s project managers work closely with the system engineers who maintain direct contact with all suppliers. Once the agreements are finalised, the project manager integrates them into a project system so that all the building blocks can be used efficiently to achieve a successful outcome. The project manager provides clear documentation, sets a timetable, monitors the budget and takes care of internal communication. The customer receives periodic progress reports. So, there’s no need for Cremer’s customers to worry about planning. All they need think about is purchasing and the delivery time. What happens in between is up to Cremer.

User Requirement Specification (URS)

Cremer’s customers can rely on the User Requirement Specification (URS), the document the machine must comply with and which Cremer coordinates with the client. It states all what the customer can expect. For example, Cremer promises that the desired machine and all accessories will be delivered over twelve months according to the agreed specifications. Good documentation beforehand is important in order to meet the delivery time because a small change in the diameter of a bottle alone is crucial for a packaging machine. It is a change of scope that can have immediate consequences. And Cremer pays close attention to that.


Six advantages of choosing a turnkey solution from Cremer:

  1. Turnkey means that we take care of all aspects of project management. All we ask of you is clarity in respect of the desired specifications. The agreed User Requirement Specification (URS) is guiding and therefore also important for you.
  2. The counting machine is our core business. Our customers are familiar with our counting modules and know how they behave throughout the entire process.
  3. Our expertise gives you confidence. Cremer has many in-house disciplines and specialists with years of experience – from project managers to system engineers. Furthermore, our parent company Uhlmann also has several specialists.
  4. We do this on a regular basis. We know the partners we purchase third party equipment from and can therefore achieve more efficiency for you.
  5. Cremer has its own extensive range of machinery. We can assemble anything. And if adjustments are needed, we can implement these immediately. A component isn’t working optimally? Our production team will take care of it right away.
  6. On-site installation by our own technicians.

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