About us

Counting since 1949
Cremer is a globally operating company that specialises in counting and packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, food, consumer goods and agricultural industries. With over seven decades of experience and in-house expertise, Cremer provides counting and packaging solutions for any industry with unparalleled speed and precision. As part of the Uhlmann Group, the Netherlands-based Cremer company is renowned worldwide for its strong focus on quality and service. Our portfolio of services ranges from designing and initial strategy to on-site installation of the finished machine or system.

Why counting is important

Cremer is a Dutch company that specialises in product counting and packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, food and non-food industries and agricultural industry.

Product counting can be regarded as the most efficient and cost effective alternative to modern weighing and pick-and-place systems for a wide variety of products. For products that may individually vary in weight, products that are difficult to separate or for packages that require a guaranteed number of (assorted) products, counting has proved to be the best solution.

Read more about counting and packaging solutions in our whitepaper.

Whitepaper "Counting and Packaging Solutions"

Business culture


We are the world’s leading specialist in product counting machines and also offer a wide range of associated services.


Innovative, Solid, Trustworthy; these are the three attributes that our customers, partners and staff value in CREMER and what makes us what we were, what we are and what we must continue to be: the market leader in our field.

Want to know more about us?

Read our company’s history here.

Uhlmann Pac-Systeme

For 70 years, the name Uhlmann has stood for pioneering solutions in pharmaceutical packaging – this is their ‘nucleus’. With the integration of Cremer in the Uhlmann Group; they are expanding their activities to other sectors – from food and agriculture to health-care and consumer goods. All Uhlmann partners strive to offer innovative solutions, services and technologies that contribute to the safety of sensitive products and to improve quality of life. The roots of both Cremer and Uhlmann lie in pronounced engineering competence and service orientation. We are always working to provide the best solutions for our customers and for the future of our industry. We do this with dedication and passion. Both companies are shaped by the entrepreneurial approach and actions typical of family business. Through the Uhlmann Group, we are evolving from a supplier of counting and packaging systems to a group of companies offering a broad range of machines, software products, services and innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical, health care, consumer goods, food and agricultural markets.

Quality Management and Clients


Our clients range from small family businesses and medium sized production facilities to leading multinational companies all over the world. Cremer counting and packaging systems are found in many sectors, counting numerous different kinds of products, often on a 24/7 production basis.

Quality Management Philosophy

We see quality as the continuous improvement of all processes. The guiding principles governing the Cremer quality philosophy and key aspects of quality policy are based on this.


By improving quality, the Quality Management supports in saving cost and ensuring customers loyalty.


We transport the customers pain into the organization and heal it sustainably!

Status 25

We steer the improvement where product and process quality in front of our customer does not meet the clearly defined Cremer standard. Therefor we are involved in customer communication, supplier relations, changes and management decisions. In this way we reduce error cost, increase customer satisfaction and create significant added value for business development.

Uhlmann's Code of Conduct

Innovative, Solid, Trustworthy; these are the three attributes that our customers, partners and staff value in Cremer. We therefore require that we ourselves always behave with honesty and integrity in our everyday dealings with business partners, employees and authorities. The Uhlmann Code of Conduct describes the key aspects of our understanding of honesty and integrity, providing numerous examples and demonstrating the limits of permissible behaviour.

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