CFI series

CFI series Fill up to 400 bottles per minute

The modular design of the CFI 622 accommodates up to 8 counting modules, offering flexible output options tailored to specific production needs. The patented in-motion high speed bottle filling... Read more >

Benefits of the CFI series
  • Scalable performance, filling up to 400 bottles per minute
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Integrated reject and sample tracks
  • Continuously moving also during filling
  • Suited for many bottle shapes, including pucks
  • 100% guaranteed counting accuracy
  • Modular-based design for scalable performance
  • Fast and tool-free change-over with minimum format parts

CFI series

The modular design of the CFI 622 accommodates up to 8 counting modules, offering flexible output options tailored to specific production needs. The patented in-motion high speed bottle filling machine eliminates cycle times and increases the overall productivity. These key features of the CFI leaves nothing more to be required of a high-end pharmaceutical counting and filling system.

Consistent output and maximum efficiency

Designed to cater to all your high-demanding solid dose bottle filling needs, this counting and filling machine boasts unparalleled speed and efficiency. With the ability to accommodate up to eight counting modules, the CFI tablet bottle filling machine delivers the required output without compromising on quality. Depending on the type of product and counting modules the CFI 622 pharmacy counting machine can fill up to 400 bottles per minute.

Thanks to its patented in-motion bottle filling system, the CFI product counting machine outperforms every other system on the market. Moreover, with its flexible approach, combined with its ease of operation and tool-free changeover parts, the CFI high speed bottle filling machine can count and fill almost any kind of solid dose tablets and capsules in bulk quantities or single piece discharges in plastic or glass bottles: round, oval and rectangular.

Raise quality standards with inspection and reject system

Experience phenomenal product quality and raise your production standards with our advanced BottleChrom inspection system with Single Tablet Reject function. With our advanced product inspection system only single defective and foreign tablets or capsules can be identified and rejected, ensuring that each bottle contains only the highest quality products. With our advanced vibratory plate technology, defective or foreign tablets or capsules can be systematically removed, without affecting the overall machine output. This ensures that each bottle contains only products that meet the highest standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

Revolutionary production efficiency through cutting-edge technology

The innovative technology of the 6-channel product counting module eliminates the need for format parts, ensuring hassle-free operation, and easy maintenance. The modules are designed to provide maximum efficiency with minimal effort. Its servo-driven product dosing and vibratory plates guarantee fast and consistent product flow with minimal adjustments. One of the most impressive features are the product detection sensors, which remain unaffected by product dust, ensuring accuracy even in the dustiest production environments.

Solutions beyond counting

Cremer doesn‘t just count – we provide solutions beyond counting! Our expertise, advanced technology and unwavering commitment to your success will help maximize your production efficiency like never before. Our market strength lies in the ability to go above and beyond to understand your unique needs and provide customized pharmaceutical solutions that exceed your expectations. With our range of cutting-edge pharmaceutical filling machines and unparalleled experience, we ensure that your business achieves optimal performance, every time.

Optional features:

  • Product eject system
  • Product dust extraction provision
  • OPC networking capability
  • Badge or barcode reader system
  • BottleChrom product inspection system with Single Tablet Reject ability


Technical data

Output (on average 100 count) 160 / 240 / 320 bottles/min
Output (on average <60 count) 200 / 300 / 400 bottles/min
Bottles shape Round, oval, square, rectangular (also suited for pucks)
Bottles material Glass, Plastic (HDPE, PETE)
Bottles height 35 - 200 mm (1.37 - 7.9”)
Bottles diameter / width 20 - 125 mm (0.8 - 4.9”)
Solids type Tablets (coated and uncoated) , capsules, gelcaps
Solids length 3 - 30 mm (0.12 - 1.18”)
Solids diameter / width 3 - 20 mm (0.12 - 0.79”)


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