A specific counting solution for flower bulbs and seeds

The roots of the company go back to 1948 when the late Fred Cremer invented and developed the very first mechanised counting machine for the Dutch flower bulb growers. This electro-mechanical marvel started a revolution in the flower bulb industry that rapidly led to a tremendous increase of workflow, sales and export and significantly reduced the amount of manual labour.

Smartly using his success to invest in his recently opened business, Cremer went on to develop other innovations. This led to a whole range of specialised machines and equipment for the processing flower bulbs; from conveyor belts to complete packaging lines.

Today, Cremer is still the number one innovator and manufacturer of counting and packaging systems for the international flower bulb sector, recently expanding our activities to arable farming and horticulture. Counting by the piece has proven its practical and economical benefits for many of nature’s products such as potatoes, onions, sprouts and seeds.

  • 100% guaranteed counting accuracy
  • High-speed and self-checking counting machines
  • Counting flower bulbs and seeds in all shapes and sizes
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