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Performance optimization is not just about the machine – the level of training and experience of the operator is just as important to maximise the output and minimize downtimes and change-over times.

We provide tailored training programs to give your operators and technicians all the skills they need to safely and effectively perform their tasks.

Our basic training program covers the operating fundamentals and safe operation of the equipment. It provides a step-by-step walkthrough which explains all individual elements and an in-depth understanding of the whole counting and packaging process including cleaning of the machine and change-over procedures.

We also offer advanced training programs for your technicians, to teach them how to solve mechanical, electrical or pneumatic issues. They will learn how to exchange wear parts, execute safety and operational checks and how to perform preventive maintenance work.

With our training courses, operators and technicians will be able to get the most out your machine and achieve higher level of productivity. Proper care and maintenance

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