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At Cremer we assemble complete packing solutions for multiple industries. We provide counting machines for the pharmaceutical, industrial, and agricultural industries.
For our pharmaceutical industry we can count any kind of pills, capsules or tablets as we can do in our agricultural business: we count and pack bulbs, potatoes and many more. Finally, we have industrial piece counting machines for all other products which need to be counted.

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Should I opt for counting or weighing in my production process?

Whenever a company produces large quantities of any product, quantity apportionment, fast and accurate sorting, and the right packing solutions are necessary for manufacturing efficiency and maintaining quality. Therefore, counting or weighing is a key decision to make.
But, how to make that decision? We gladly explain more in our article.
Read Counting vs. Weighing

How to optimize my vitamin gummy counting process?

Vitamin gummies are an enormous trend. Therefore, vitamin gummy counting is a topic that occurs increasingly in the nutraceutical counting world.
However, vitamin gummy counting is easier said than done. How to deal with gummies who are sticking together? How to make sure the right number of gummies ends up in the box?
We address these issues in our “Vitamin Gummy Counting” article.

Read "Vitamin Gummy Counting: Easier Said Than Done"

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Do you want to speak with us regarding maintenance support? Please know that we have in-house experts who can support you on your dedicated equipment, but also help you with specific service projects. Remote support is also one of our service pillars.

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