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Tailored equipment requires customer-oriented after-sales service. For us, every counting and packaging system that is put into operation is unique and – in one way or another – always customer tailored to a specific set of requirements and expectations. This calls for broad and experienced knowledge from our well-trained and qualified technical support staff that are always on standby to help you. Whether you are in need of direct remote assistance by telephone or email, onsite service, spare parts, installation or relocation assistance, validation or training assistance, our service department and helpdesk are ready to help you professionally.

Tel.: +31 (0) 252 34 30 30
Whatsapp: +31 (0) 611 62 74 58 (only text, no calls)
Monday to Friday 8.00 to 17.00 (CET)

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    Cremer services

    Always at your disposal to keep your equipment up and running

    Cremer at your service

    Cremer is not just a supplier but also a committed partner throughout the entire lifecycle of your counting machine. We offer a range of aftersales services tailored on your needs and budget. Whether it’s a customized intervalbased maintenance solution or a standard service, our goal is for our customers to achieve optimized profitability of their machines through maximum output with minimum downtime. Our service portfolio ranges from spare parts and field services to stock optimization, modernization by upgrades, and preventive maintenance programs.

    Lifecycle management

    Although Cremer counting and packaging machines are renowned for their reliability and durability, like any other machine structured maintenance is vital to uphold the machine‘s performance over time. Through regular maintenance, your machine will continue to operate with the highest productivity. Our preventive maintenance service ranges from regular machine inspections to complete maintenance packages. Together with our customers we select the ideal maintenance solution suited to their production environment.

    Key benefits

    Investing in the counting equipment that makes your business profitable, is possibly one of the smartest investments you can make as these added values can decrease downtime and keep efficiency at its highest by regular maintenance or even upgrading the equipment as our technology evolves over time. The key benefits of a well thought-out maintenance plan are:

    • Reduced unexpected downtimes
    • Maximum machine availability
    • Increased productivity and profitability
    • Extended life cycle

    Spare & format parts

    Our spare part stocks guarantee minimum down time, maximum machine availability and short response times. A multitude of spare parts are ready for shipment within just one business day. Using original Cremer parts ensures optimal operation and functionality, perfect fit and maximum life cycle time of your equipment.

    Repairs, maintenance & inspection

    Our qualified and experienced service specialists are always ready to maintain your machine and solve acute problems onsite. Depending on your needs, our onsite visits can also include technical and safety related inspections, preventive maintenance and machine or process performance optimization.


    As our technology is constantly advancing, at some point in the future your equipment may become obsolete. Plenty of benefits can be reaped from upgrading those machines, instead of coping with reduced productivity, frequent downtimes and outdated components.

    Field services

    We can offer a range of customer-oriented field services that are designed to suit your specific needs, such as:

    • Installation & commissioning support
    • Operating and/or maintenance training
    • Validation support
    • Production optimization
    • Machine relocation

    Good maintenance is the key

    To safety, reliability, durability and profitability

    Cremer services: expertise you can count on

    Our helpdesk is your first line of support for any operational, technical or spare part queries. A team of qualified and experienced field engineers are standing by ready to assist you on-site with any issue you may have with your Cremer equipment. Fast response times minimize downtime and our large spare parts inventory also provides insurance against long unexpected downtimes. Cremer Services is your dedicated expert partner for all after sales services and parts supply from a single source, all over the world.

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    Preventive inspection, maintenance and repairs

    Interval-based inspections and maintenance ensures that your machine is in a safe and optimal condition and reduces the risk of unexpected failures. During routine inspections our experienced specialists can determine and remedy signs of normal wear or tear before actually affecting the machine performance. Preventive maintenance extends the life cycle of the machine and can also save on repair costs and loss of production. Our preventive services range from basic check-ups to fully customized maintenance packages.

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    Original machine parts: key to maintaining optimum performance

    Operator safety and trouble-free operation of the machine is only guaranteed when using original machine parts. Aftermarkt parts may not fit or function as well as genuine Cremer and OEM parts. Having a safety stock for the most critical parts will ensure that your production suffers from minimal disruption and downtime. Our after sales engineers can help you set up a safety stock and, in many cases, can talk your technicians through a part replacement process if necessary.

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    Machine upgrades: enhancing productivity and functionality

    Machine upgrades can be a cost-efficient modification of your machine to meet the latest safety standards or to enhance productivity or functionality by making use of the newest technology Cremer has to offer. Upgrades can also be a necessary solution for outdated or obsolete electrical or pneumatic components. Most machine upgrades can be executed at the customer‘s facility and with minimum disruption of production. Our after sales engineers are experienced specialist, ready to inform you about the possibilities.

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