Although many of our counting and packaging systems are tailor-made, the counting unit and their basic elements are often constructed from standard Cremer parts. This allows us to deliver many parts from stock with minimal delivery time. In general, we also have all wear parts on stock.

Due to the modular and unit-based design of our counting systems, we can often provide complete replacement units in order to keep your downtimes as short as possible. While we examine or repair your faulty module or unit at our repair facility, your machine can continue to operate with a temporary replacement unit.

For all in-house developed Printed Circuit Boards, we apply a cost-friendly refund system when you order new a PCB and return your faulty PCB.

If you have no experienced or qualified personnel to replace the part that you have ordered or perform regular (preventive) maintenance to your machine, our field service technicians are always available and glad to assist you.

When you first order your machine, you also receive a list of nominated spare parts. Rest assured that you don’t need all nominated parts on stock. We can advise you on spare part management to optimize your inventory. Our standard parts are available from stock, which means that you do not necessarily have to keep them on stock. Tailor-made parts can be offered according to your individual requirements and suit the uptimes of your machine.

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