Counting since 1949

The Cremer company was founded in 1949 by Fred Cremer, who invented and developed the first electro-mechanical counting machine for the Dutch flower bulb industry. His machine was an instant success and marked the start of a technical revolution in the bulb industry which -until then- has been fully dependent on human labour for counting and packing flower bulbs.

In the early 1950s, Fred Cremer started developing other machines that would automate the processing of flower bulbs even further. The success of his business and his commitment to his customers made him decide to move 250 kilometres away from his hometown to the centre of the flower bulb region: Lisse, where he and his family started a new life.

Working in his garage on refining his invention, Fred saw the potential of a counting machine that was not just able to count flower bulbs, but any kind of product. As a result of his dedication and commitment, in 1963 the first electronic product counting machine was introduced to the world. The electronic counter was much more versatile and soon found its way to confectionery producers and other industries. With each year the company and the number of employees grew, and Cremer machines were already being shipped to countries worldwide. In 1978, his son Fred Cremer jr. joined his father’s company and eventually took over the business in 1985.

In the mid 1980s, the Cremer company expanded its market to include the pharmaceutical industry. It was now the market leader in the development of fully customised counting and packaging systems for both the food and non-food industries.

Until 2017, Cremer had always been a family-owned business. At that point, the company was incorporated into another family-run business: the Germany-based Uhlmann Group, an established name in the world of high-end pharmaceutical packaging.

Technology and innovation are, as they have been for over 70 years, our core competences and the key to improving our global market position. We seek to develop top solutions which will inspire the market and enable us to provide our customers with the best possible counting and packaging solutions for their product.

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