A specific count for a wide range of products

Whenever products vary in weight or when they are difficult to separate; counting by the piece makes more sense than industrial weighing machines or using pick-and-place robots. When the secondary package contains an assorted mix of different products or flavours, the most sensible packing solution would be product counting. An industrial piece counting machine guarantees 100% accuracy and leads to satisfied consumers and increasing Return of Investment (ROI) through significantly reduced product waste.

With more than seven decades of experience, Cremer is the world leading manufacturer of standard as well as customised counting and packaging solutions with unparalleled precision and performance. Cremer food counting machines are now used by many suppliers of food like twist-wrapped chocolates, sweets and chewing gums, beverage capsules and frozen snack foods etc.. But the industrial piece counting machine is also used for consumer goods like soap and detergent pouches, sweets, bakery products, hardware parts, medical devices, etc.

Cremer treats all its customers equally. For us, there is no difference between large multinationals with leading brands or small family businesses. Whenever product counting has proved to be the best way to pack your product over weighing, we are fully committed to developing a counting and packaging machine that is tailored to your needs and budget, considering that ROI is always a decisive factor for any company.

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    • Industrial piece counting with 100% accurate counting technology
    • Modular-based design for scalable output and performance
    • Fast and tool-free change-over with minimum format parts
    • FDA and GMP compliant machine designs
    • From stand-alone counting units to complete secondary packaging lines
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