Industrial vitamin gummy counting machine, including bottle filler from Spee-Dee®

The rising popularity of vitamin gummies and supplements presents a growing demand for precise manufacturing processes. However, achieving accurate counting and dispensing of these gummies poses technical challenges due to factors such as variations in size and shape, the sticky and sugary coating, cross-contamination, hygiene and sanitation. Counting vitamin gummies is possible with an industrial specialized counting machine. Yet, the challenge remained in seamlessly transferring these gummies into individual bottles while sustaining a high filling rate. That’s why Cremer has combined a series of counting machines with Spee-Dee’s® rotary filling system. Discover in this article more about this innovative solution for your vitamin gummy production line.

Counting offers 100% accuracy

For years, most companies in the past have weighed vitamin gummies. The problem with weighing is that the weight of products can vary from product to product. So if you say you put 60 gummies in a bottle, sometimes it can be 59 or 62. But gummies are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which requires that each bottle contain the exact number of vitamin gummies as listed on the product label. With Cremer’s counting machines, bottles are filled not by weight but by number of pieces.

Each individual gummy or supplement is scanned before it goes into the bottle, allowing us to guarantee 100% accuracy. The vitamin gummy counting machine is part of the HQ series and has 12 channels each 50 mm wide. Suitable for accurate counting and dispensing of nutraceutical vitamin gummies into containers of different sizes, shapes and types.


Gummy counting machine: separating and counting

The product is loaded into our bulk hopper. This can be at floor level or in the air on a balcony depending on packaging requirements. A conveyor brings the vitamin supplements up and evenly dose them onto the vibratory plates. These plates are used to separate and align the gummies over the 12 channels to transport them to the scan unit.

When they reach the last vibratory plate they start to waterfall off individually one at a time. As it is falling, a string of led optical sensors are counting the products. When the quantity to be counted is reached, for example 60 gummies, the memory flaps underneath ensure that no more gummies can pass through. After the 60 gummies are dispensed in the bottle the memory flaps can open again and the next count continues. This ensures a constant product flow without stopping the machine.


Challenges filling bottles with vitamin gummies

Counting gummies is one thing, but ensuring a smooth and efficient bottle-filling process is another. In the past, bottling vitamin gummies was a real challenge. The bottleneck was literally the bottle’s neck, making it impossible to seamlessly integrate this step into a conveyor system. Trying to fill the bottles by opening the discharge flaps, the gummies would stubbornly clog up the process, leading to speed limitations. Our customers were seeking production rates of 60 to 100 bottles per minute, and these demands couldn’t be met while working with a conveyor system.

For a seamless and efficient bottle-filling process, we have teamed up with US-based company Spee-Dee® to provide an innovative solution for your vitamin gummy packaging needs. Our counting machines have been designed to accurately count and dispense gummies, while our partner‘s rotary filling machines expertly fill the bottles with precision and efficiency. This partnership ensures efficient, clog-free, and high-speed bottle filling.

Spee-Dee® rotary filler

The vitamin gummies are now discharged above the Spee-Dee® rotary filler, which operates in a continuous circular motion. This innovative system eliminates the risk of clogging or jamming. As the rotary filler spins around the plate and slowly retreats, the gummies flow into the bottle gradually, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted filling process. You can now achieve the high-speed production rates you desire without compromising quality. With this revolutionary solution, your production line operates seamlessly, efficiently filling each bottle as it progresses smoothly to the next step in the packaging line.

Watch the gummy and counting line in this video:


Scalable production

At Cremer we understand that different companies have unique requirements. That’s why we offer two options for gummy counting machines.

For small to medium-sized companies, we introduce the HQS with a compact Spee-Dee® filler. This dynamic combination offers the flexibility to count up to 70 bottles per minute, with each bottle containing 60 gummies. It’s the perfect choice whenyour daily product lineup changesfrequently or when you don’t require ultra-high production capacity. With the compact rotary filler, transitioning between products is a breeze, saving you valuable time and effort.





HQS 1250 with Spee-Dee® high-speed rotary filler


But we also present a high-speed production solution. This option combines two counters atop the larger Spee-Dee® rotary filler, capable of filling up to 150 bottles of 60 gummies per minute. In the U.S., 60 gummies in a bottle is the most common supplement quantity, whether it’s vitamin C, melatonin, or other nutraceutical gummies. This high-speed rotary filler is the ultimate choice for companies with dedicated lines that need to produce a substantial volume of products 24 hours a day.



Key features of the vitamin counting machine

With our counting machines, you can feel confident that your vitamin gummies are accurately and consistently dosed. Besides this 100% accuracy and remarkable counting and filling speed, there are some other advantages of the counting machine.

Our counting machine offers a distinct advantage over weight scales in several key areas. Firstly, the noise level is significantly lower, making the working environment much quieter and more comfortable. Secondly, Cremer machine’s hygienic design and easy-to-clean components adhere to strict industry standards. All of our contact parts are made of durable stainless steel, ensuring that hygiene and contamination concerns are completely eliminated. Replacing these parts is quick and tool-free. Last but not least the intuitive interface and easy-to-use controls of the machine ensure that operators can set up and operate the machine with minimal training.

Cremer, your partner for counting vitamin gummies

The vitamin gummy counting machine in combination with Spee-Dee’s® rotary filling system is a game-changer in the production of gummy vitamins and nutritional supplements. Its advanced technology, high-speed counting, accuracy, and flexibility make it invaluable for manufacturers. With our integrated solution, we not only optimize your gummy packaging process but also empower you to effortlessly achieve your production objectives. Let us be your partner in streamlining operations and helping you excel in the competitive landscape of nutritional supplements.

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