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To accommodate all kinds of needs and requirements regarding the filling of bottles with solid dose products, Cremer has always excelled in providing fully customized solutions. A myriad of different bottle and container shapes and sizes as well as a multitude of differently shaped tablets has always been a challenging factor in the development of pharmaceutical counting system.

Pharma-grade machines must be extremely versatile while keeping the number of format parts to a minimum or order to minimize change-over times and -just as important- to eliminate additional investments in a whole lot of product or bottle dedicated machine parts.

For Cremer; operating in critical environmental conditions, VHP resistance and full-machine containments are not unusual requests. Our strength lies in the ability to provide both standardized as well as fully customizable counting and packaging solutions for both the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry. Any system can thus be accommodated with customer specific options or modifications in order to offer the perfect solution for your product.

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