Our pharmaceutical bottle-filling counting machines count tablets and capsules.

Reliable, resourceful and innovative are the primary values that made Cremer market leader in solid dose bottle filling systems for the pharmaceutical industry. Advanced engineering with a committed focus on performance and durability has led to a series of bottle filling systems that ranges from compact tablet and capsules counters to modular based high-end counting and in-motion bottle filling systems with unprecedented output and efficiency.

Over 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical market allowed Cremer to grow alongside with the ever-progressing market needs. For Cremer, being part of the Uhlmann Group is not just another strategic leap forward: it allows us to anticipate future market requirements by sharing technical expertise and market insights.

Our market strength lies in the ability to provide both standardized as well as fully customizable counting and packaging solutions for both the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry.

  • 100% guaranteed counting accuracy
  • Modular-based design for scalable performance
  • Fast and tool-free change-over with minimum format parts
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