CSC Series: a modular counting and dispensing solution for seeds

With more than 70 years of expertise in the agricultural industry, Cremer introduces the CSC Series. This modular seed counting machine offers a fast and reliable solution for accurately counting and dispensing crop and vegetable seeds of all sizes.

Counting seeds and various other products by piece is an efficient, cost-effective alternative for weighing systems. Counting accuracy is not affected by small variations in weight between individual pieces. Optical counting, in contrast to weighing, guarantees 100% accuracy of net quantity in wholesale and retail packages. This approach not only maximizes production efficiency but also minimizes product loss and wastage.

Up to 37.500 seeds per minute

Due to the compact and modular design of the CSC seed counter, it is easily scalable for different production levels. Up to three counting modules can be stacked next to each other, without significantly increasing the floor space. With three modules, the automatic seed counter can count and process up to 37.500 seeds per minute with 100% accuracy. A single module reaches 12.500 seeds per minute.

20-channel counter of the seed counter machine

The 20-channel counter of the CSC series is streamlined and allows quick changeover and cleaning. It also requires low maintenance. Its design eliminates the need for periodic calibration, reducing the risk of product contamination. The system complies with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and is spill-resistant throughout the packaging setup.

Designed specifically for high-speed dosing in third-party packaging machines. Thanks to the moveable platform, the CSC seed counter can be easily positioned above industrial packaging machines. To meet specific requirements, custom counters are also available.

Several smart features

The modular seed counting machine comes with various smart control features to guarantee accuracy. These functions include the integration of the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for data input and camera systems and barcode scanners to confirm the correct lot numbers and seed varieties in the bags.

The CSC seed counter also comes with additional functionalities such as:

  • a sampling station for ensuring consistent quality control,
  • a vacuum conveyor for transporting seeds without any dust, and
  • a filling nozzle that can rotate to prevent any spills during seed dispensing in packaging machines and sampling stations.

Discover in the video how the seed counter works.

Meeting the precision challenge

Walter Hermans, the agricultural business manager at Cremer, explains that accurately counting and dispensing a specific number of seeds into a pouch at a fast pace while maintaining precision can be quite difficult. “At Cremer, we have addressed all the challenges in developing the CSC series. Making it an essential system that meets the evolving demands of seed producers and agricultural professionals, including major players like Bayer/Monsanto.”

Want to know more?

Want to know more about the seed counting and packaging solution or interested in the CSC seed counter? Get in touch or visit us at one of the tradeshows.

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