Chocolate counting machines for mixed chocolates

Sweet and healthy thoughts about your chocolate production

The global chocolate market is primarily driven by considerable growth in the food and beverages sector. This can be accredited to shifting dietary preferences, which has contributed to a rise in the consumption of ready-to-eat bakery and confectionery products, wherein chocolate is commonly utilized as an indispensable ingredient. The market is further driven by the increasing awareness regarding the numerous health benefits associated with dark chocolates.

We notice that more and more manufacturers in this industry are focusing on mixed chocolate production. Also, they want them to be processed quickly: up to 300 assortment boxes per minute. Cremer is familiar with chocolate production liassorted wrapped chocolatesnes and the prominent manufacturers who offer their mixed products in boxes or bags. These products must be counted accurately, so that each variety contains the required amount of each flavour. When empty boxes or bags arrive on the production line Cremer takes care of the filling process. We make sure that the correct numbers of a product are selected in the package.

Recently we had to come up with a solution for a marketing idea initiated by a Dutch chocolate company. They were planning to design a special package to be filled with their famous ‘Celebrations’ chocolates. Cremer is excellently connected with several packing companies to integrate the options of vertical or horizontal packing. But also special conveyors can be engineered. We simply look for a partner to support us when we are fully responsible for the entire solution.

Chocolate counting and speed

Speed is often an important issue with a customer project: one hundred packages per minute or more is our specialism. We can offer solutions which make a perfect fit in terms of accuracy and speed. When it comes to chocolate mixes, often six to fourteen counting machines and a collector system are needed to collect the different chocolate products. Finally, the real mix is transported to the horizontal or vertical secondary packaging machine to fill the boxes or bags.

Speed va2 chocolate counting machinesries from 50 to 300 finished packs per minute. Also multiple discharge points for multiple secondary packaging formats are realized frequently.

Setting up a continuous and fast process means that in the production line delivery and packaging of products need to be tuned precisely. Cremer ensures that its machines are integrated effectively in the entire line. To achieve this successfully we are very keen on requesting and exchanging crucial information. We run into this frequently: marketing people have a great idea, but how can you realize this in practice?

Modular-based system

Fortunately our engineering and sales teams have built up huge expertise with this kind of uncommon technical challenges, whether it is a special bottle or a uniquely designed box or bag that needs to be filled. Also, we unburden our clients by dealing with all possible issues – and solving them! Cremer seeks for a reliable process, in all stages. The final machine solution should run 24/7 with very limited maintenance time. We understand the consequences of downtime costs for our clients.

Counting or weighing?

Cremer is known as a very experienced supplier of counting solutions in the confectionery market segment. Our solutions for real mix chocolate products are all about precise numbers – we ensure our customers 100% counting accuracy.

The dilemma between counting vs. weighing is always complicated. If the weight of the products varies and if there are numbers on the mix pack, then counting is always the best solution. This is one of the three reasons to consider counting machines versus weighing systems. Counting is also advisable in case of high product value. For low value products weighing can be an option. We wrote an article about individually wrapped chocolate bars that elaborates on this.

Cremer is able to provide both high accuracy and high speed in mixed chocolate products. A customer in Asia enthusiastically told us that their Cremer machine is the most efficient part of their production line. Also, we stand out from others by speed, volume, less noise and low maintenance.

Get in contact with our experts and we can come up with something innovative and reliable which shakes up your chocolate production process!


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