Meatballs into a soup pouch

Processing frozen meatballs requires a smart design of the counting machine to ensure that all hygienic requirements are met and the machine is easy to clean. The customer required a cost effective and simple solution for dosing 8 meatballs into a soup pouch.


Cremer decided to offer a system based on a pharmaceutical counting machine with special modifications to process frozen products. The hopper was changed to prevent product particles sticking in it. The vibratory plates have slots to remove ice crumb and the counting machine has a special hood to prevent water and ice entering it. Under the counting machine Cremer designed a special discharge unit to discharge 2 x 8 meatballs into the pouch machine every cycle. The discharge unit has been designed for easy to cleaning and the operator has a clear view of the product flow.


Why did this company chose Cremer?

The counting machine is a cost effective solution to discharge the meatballs with various weights into the soup. The machine is easy to operate and has a compact design.


Line specifications

Counted product: frozen meatballs into a pouch

Product dimensions: Ø 10 – 15 mm

Line configuration: electronic counting machine (CS-TQ 1220) placed above a rotary pouch machine

Line speed: 90 (2x 45) discharges per minute on a count of 8 meatballs

Counting meatballs into a soup pouch