Over the past few decades Cremer has supplied many counting systems in the confectionery industries. From simple single flavor applications up to complex multi flavor mix lines!


As a supplier of counting and packaging systems, Cremer offers a full range of counting and packaging options for a wide range of products, such as: flow-wrapped products, twist-wrapped products, packaged toffee, nougat, twist foil and flow-wrapped chocolates, lollipops, chewing gum, mints and sweets.


By using multiple counting machines on a bucket elevator it is possible to produce any conceivable product mixture. In cooperation with some of the leading manufacturers of product delivery and packaging equipment in the world, Cremer is able to offer a total counting and packaging solution for almost any kind of retail and bulk packaging with the highest possible efficiency and versatility.


In order to process wrapped confectionery all Cremer counting machines are designed and constructed to meet the most stringent of FDA regulations. Other key issues in the designing process such as health and safety legislation combined with years of experience in the confectionery industry have made Cremer the world’s number one name in counting machines and packaging lines.