The history of the company starts in the flower bulb industry back in 1949, when Cremer invented the world’s first product counting machine. Until then the flowerbulbs could only be processed by hand because of the weight and size differences. Nowadays Cremer offers, as market leader with a wide range of experience in the counting and packaging industry, an extensive range of fast, reliable and durable counting and filling machines. These are supplied not only for the Dutch flower bulb industry, but also for the agricultural industry worldwide. As well as the agricultural industry, Cremer has also developed counting machines for the pharmaceutical, confectionery, food and non-food industries throughout the world.


Agricultural sectors

Cremer offers a wide range of counting and packaging machines for the various sectors within the agricultural industry, for example:

-          Flowerbulb cultivation;

-          Bulb exporters: dry sales and professional hatchery;

-          Potatoes, fruit and vegetables sectors

Almost all Cremer agricultural machines are available from stock which is a great advantage for late deciders. Every year Cremer produces every type of its series counting machines in batches for quick delivery.



The counting machines are often used  in less clean conditions as they need to count naturel products. These products often carry a lot of dust and soil into the machine with them. Cremer counting machines are developed to still perform under these circumstances


Flowerbulb season

During the flowerbulb season you need to count on your counting machine. Therefore our helpdesk staff will always be available in case of minor technical or operational problems. If the helpdesk can’t help you then one of our qualified electronic and mechanical service technicians will visit you to solve your problem.