Counting and filling machines in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry

No more and no less is what counts in Pharma…

The pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry is a very sensitive sector. The right number of tablets in a bottle is an absolute must. The process of counting and filling medicines and food supplements is a critical aspect in this sector. It must be extremely accurate, efficient and above all not prone to error. Companies that demand high counting accuracy and high speeds in their production process – especially in the pharmaceutical industry – are therefore quick to come to Cremer.

High counting standards in the pharmaceutical industry

Cremer has a long international track record when it comes to solutions that meet the high counting standards in the pharmaceutical industry, where the correct counting of tablets and capsules is very important. Often it is a matter of the correct dosage during treatment, as products are very expensive. Therefore, there cannot be too much or too little of the product in a bottle or jar. Another important aspect is GMP or clean design. Preventing product contamination is a prerequisite, so counting and filling machines must definitely be easy to clean. In addition, dust extraction can be integrated into a Cremer machine in order to process dusty products quickly and accurately.

Customer requirements and strict standards

The machines must meet customer requirements as well as the industry’s strict standards. Crucial questions asked by Cremer are: what is the product, where should it be packed in and at what speed should it be processed? Furthermore, the requirements for additional product checks, production data logging, login options for various user levels and communication or synchronisation with other machines in the packaging line are checked on a customer-specific basis.

Which counting or filling machine is suitable for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry? In the pharmaceutical industry, a standard machine is often sufficient. The software is coordinated and format parts are customised for the customer because every company has different products and bottles. Pharmaceutical products are fairly uniform in shape and can be processed effortlessly and at high speed by Cremer’s CF machines.

Successful capsule and tablet bottle filling machines from Cremer in the pharma industry

CF 1220

A bunch of different tablets for countingThe CF 1220 from Cremer is a 12-channel linear tablet and capsule counter with integrated conveyor with indexing system for bottles. The linear concept uses three vibrating plates for optimum product separation and an infrared product detection system. The counter is available with 12 channels or in a double version with 24 channels. The CF 1220 counts all types of tablets, pills, hard or softgel capsules with guaranteed accuracy. This tablet bottle filling machine has proven its durability and reliability and there are hundreds of them in use worldwide.

CFS 622

The CFS series with 1, 2, 3 or 4 modules is Cremer’s workhorse: designed for 24/7 production. The tablet bottle filling machine has a very small footprint in comparison to the CF 1220. This makes it possible to produce 200 bottles per minute within the same space. The machine is easy to adjust for new products and bottles. The modules concept is unique. They have a simple amplitude and frequency setting, which allows for optimal processing of any product. Since the modules are fully servo-controlled, every setting is fully reproducible and the synchronisation of several modules is ensured. Even recipes that are retrieved after a period of time are instantly exactly the same as they were before. Another important aspect of applying servo technology is that a servo motor is self-monitoring and can therefore be validated very easily. For many pharmacists, this saves a lot of time and therefore costs.

CFI 622

In addition to the CFS 622 series (modular counters), which has been running well for years, Cremer also has high-speed counting machines: the patented CFI 622 series (Counting-Filling In-motion). It fills the bottles as they rotate. In order to achieve a consistent filling process with maximum efficiency, the bottles do not stand still. As the bottles are filled, the nozzles rotate. This allows the machine to fill continuously despite its speed – up to 400 bottles per minute. CFI counting and filling systems excel in both speed and versatility. Equipped with the unique CF-622 modules, Cremer has defined a high standard for counting with the CFI 622 and for filling pharmaceutical packaging.

Camera for product inspection with rejection

A new development within the Uhlmann Group is a camera system that is mounted on the aforementioned CFS and CFI machines. It recognises foreign or incorrect products and removes them by means of the rapid rejection system, without stopping the machine. The advanced camera system recognises minor product damage and prevents them from being packed. This system is also easy to set up.

Why the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry chooses Cremer…

  • Counting accuracy: absolutely accurate
  • Quality: machines are in accordance with GMP and FDA standards
  • Speed: speeds of <50 to 400 bottles per minute
  • Durability: very long service life
  • In-house assembly: efficient and consistent production
  • Easy to clean: all product contact and format parts can be removed from the machine without tools.
  • Convenient operation: easy setting and fast loading of the recipe. The counting machine can continue with a new batch
  • Global service.

More information?

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