After its founding in 1949, Cremer continuously developed its counting machines and in 1981 created the world’s first multi-channel electronic tablet and capsule counting and bottle filling machine. Today they are used in almost every major pharmaceutical company worldwide. Cremer counting machines are known for their accuracy and reliability , their easy cleaning and low maintenance. All pharmaceutical counting machines are constructed from FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved materials and designed according to CE and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines. The operating system is equipped with a touchscreen that meets ‘21CFR part 11’ for complete system control.


Innovative design

Cremer developed a single, fully servo-driven counting module: CF-622. Its slim and modular design allows the use of a variable number of counting modules in all machine frames, to meet the performance requirements of the counting and filling system. All CF-622 module are performing identical, so modules can be used individual, in a setting and can be swapped very easy.


The current range of machines are also fully servo-driven to further enhance their accuracy, reliability and high repeatability. Because of the unique modular construction, it is possible to make different configurations from 1 to 10 modules. For this purpose, Cremer developed 3 basic frames:  CFI-622CFS-622 and CFF-622, which make it possible to achieve specific speeds from 50 to 400 containers per minute.


CF-622 counting module

The innovative and patented CF-622 tablet and capsule counting module is the result of extensive engineering and development. Servo driven product dosing and vibratory plates provide fast and consistent product flow with very few settings. Six product separator flaps and two additional discharge flaps, give the CF-622 module its unprecedented dossing speed up to 45 discharges per minute on an average 100 count.

The CF-622 is easy to clean and generally does not require any change parts for different tablet or capsules sizes. Because of its GMP-compliant and modular design removal of the tool free contact parts for cleaning requires no specific skills and should take no longer than 5 minutes to perform. The product contact parts are all made from FDA approved materials and are suitable for autoclave cleaning. Optional cleaning trolleys can be used for convenient cleaning and storage of the module and contact parts.


Special design counting machine frames – CFI, CFS and CFF

Cremer conceived and developed the high-end CFI-622 frame that can include from 4 up to 10 counting modules. Its patented “In-Motion Filling System”  fills the bottles and containers in continuous motion, without stopping. This ensures controlled, fast and stable bottle handling.


The unique developed CFS-622 frame can accommodate up to 4 counting modules, depending on the required output. The servo driven feed screw and ‘dipping’ nozzles provides fast an accurate transporting and filling of almost any kind of bottle.


Special applications: CFF-622

Because of the market demand, Cremer introduces the CFF-622 frames for single and double counting modules. These stand-alone module(s) can easily be integrated on existing conveyors or special lines. Large quantity of counting, patches and carton box filling are just a few examples.


100% counting accuracy

Cremer ensures the highest possible accuracy. This is enhanced by the servo driven product dosing, product separator flaps and vibratory plates. They provide a continuous fast and consistent product flow. A self-calibrating, advanced scanning system ensures the machine continues to count accurately even if it is contaminated by product dust.


Easy cleaning and maintenance free

Its GMP-compliant and modular design allows for quick disassembly without tools for easy cleaning. The smooth finish ensures that product dust and debris cannot accumulate. The unique modular design makes it possible to remove all the modules from the machine frame for individual, thorough cleaning. The vibratory plate drive unit is fully enclosed and internal lubricated for life, so maintenance is not required.

CF-622 exploded




Vierkant CFI-622







CF-622 incl camera (klein1)