Fruit snack pouches

The line was designed to count and mix small fruit snack pouches and discharge the mix into a carton. A specific flavor is assigned to each counting machine. From the large bulk hopper the pouches are transported to the counting machines. The counting machines are directly connected to the processing and production machines. To make the packaging line independent of the production and processing equipment, Cremer designed a large hopper/buffer system.


Since the pouch has a size of more than 90 mm and the customer required at least 100 discharges per minute with a mix of 3 x 3 pouches, Cremer chose to use the largest counting machine in its program, the TQI 4/150. This machine has four counting channels of 150 mm so that there is no risk that the pouches will jam in the counting channels and therefore cause blockages. Each counting machine has 4 channels and can process up to 350 pouches per minute. Each TQI counting machine discharges the counted pouches into the bucket of the bucket elevator from where after it is transported to the discharge point. Here, the mixed and counted products are buffered so the line always has a counted mix available for the continuous running cartoning machine.


Why did this company chose Cremer?

Since there is a certain weight tolerance between the pouches and the different flavors, this product cannot be weighted. A counting machine is the only way the customer can process more than 100 packs per minute. With accurate counting the customer did not need to overfill the packaging to compensate weighing inaccuracy and the total equipment had a return on investment of less than one year.


Line specifications

Counted product: fruit snack pouches

Product size: 90 x 90 x 15 mm

Line configuration: 3 electronic counting machines (TQI 4/150)

1 bucket elevator, type WB370

1 discharge station

Line speed: 100 cartons per minute with 10 pouches per carton 3 + 3 + 4 each flavor.

Counting and mixing line for fruit snack pouches

Snacks 1


Snacks 3