Dishwasher tablets

The line is designed to count 1700 dishwasher tablets per minute with a filling between 10 and 72 tablets per carton. The tablets are discharged from the flow-wrapped into the hopper of the bucket elevator. This bucket elevator will transport the tablets to both hoppers of the counting machines and fill them both equally using the dosing sensors on the hoppers. From these hoppers the tablets are transported onto the vibratory plates for separation. At the end of the vibratory plates the separated products fall individually into the 7 counting channels were they are counted through a line scan. The different counts are separated by a system of pneumatic ‘memory flaps’ and discharged into the Cremer carton filling system. The Cremer bucket elevator transports the counted tablets to the packing machine. The bucket elevator has a shift register to control all the buckets which enables a simple synchronization with the continuous packing machine. Before being discharged into the cartons the tablets are handled through a system of buffers. This system ensures a smooth and controlled filling process while running over 100 cartons per minute on a single track.


Why did this company chose Cremer?

The combination of product handling requirements; High speed, gentile product handling and exact quantities.


Line specifications

Counted product: flow-wrapped dishwasher detergent tablets

Product size: 70 x 40 x 20 mm

Line configuration: 2 electronic counting machines (TQS-F 7/80)

1 Cremer bucket elevator (WB-70)

1 Cremer tablet divider

1 continuous packing machine

Machine speed: up to 50 discharges per minute or 850 products per minute

Line speed: up to 95 cartons per minute of 18 pcs per carton

Counting line for dishwasher tablets